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H.E. Ivan Stancioff

Member, co-founder and patron of the project "The Future of Bulgaria"

Franz Joseph Grenzebach

Initiator of Future Workshop Bulgaria


In 2011 Mr. Grenzebach had the idea for the project, motivated by his belief that Bulgaria deserves and awaits a brighter future.  


Radomira Ivanova 









In founding the Future Workshop - Bulgaria it was our understanding that Bulgaria lacks serious public debate about the direction of the country in the coming decades. Both the government and the general public agree that there must be a social consensus on key areas of development. Our work seeks to contribute to achieving such a consensus through open dialogue and inclusive public participation.


By providing an environment for free access to information and initiating an open public debate, defending democratic values ​​and respect for human rights, we aim to create conditions for equal participation of citizens, civil society and youth organizations in the implementation of policies and the decision-making processes.


To encourage the participation of youth and civil society organizations to openly communicate with representatives of the local and national authorities, alongside professionals from various fields, in search of priorities and objectives for the development of Bulgaria over the next decade. 




  • To help achieve public consensus on a long-term vision for the development of Bulgaria;


  • To provide an environment for equal participation of the general public, civil society and youth organizations in the development of government policies and strategies for development;


  • To improve the access to information and foster open debate, strengthening democracy and respect for human rights – key components in building strategies for development;


  • To build an influential position on national sustainable development strategies. 


Working method


The model of the future workshop provides a multidisciplinary approach in the search for new ideas and solutions, providing an environment, where experts and relatively inexperienced groups, such as young people and students, can work together with specialists and moderators in an open debate. The model integrates civil society and the general public in processes related to the creation of policies and strategies for development.

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