Seminar "Urgent Measures for the Protection of Archaeological Heritage in the Region of Varna"  13.12.13 - Villa Marciana

The seminar “Urgent measures for the protection of  archaeological heritage in the region of Varna" was organized by Bulgaria Future Workshop and Mosaics Museum in Devnya. The list of the speakers included the leading Bulgarian archeologists Prof. Hristo Smolenov and Prof. Diyana Gergova, Dr. Vladimir Slavchev, director of the Archaeological Museum Varna, and Ivan Sutev, Director of the Mosaic Museum in Devnya. At the center of the discussion was the Varna Necropolis and the Roman Thermae in Varna. 


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Workshop “Problems and necessary measures in preserving the cultural and historical heritage within Devnya Municipality.” 

30.01.2015 - Devnya 


The event was organized by Future Workshop Bulgaria in partnership with the Museum of Mosaics Devya and the Cultural Department of Devnya Municipality. Lectors at this event were Mr. Ivan Sutev, Director of the Museum of Mosaics in Devnya, Ralitsa Savova, UNESCO expert on the cultural heritage of the city of Kyoseg, Hungary and Dr. Ferenc Body, Senior Researcher in the Institute for Political Sciences in Budapest, Hungary. They offer best practices in cultural and historical sight preservation in Hungary, along with their vision for the future of preserving the cultural and historical heritage in Eastern Europe.


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