Program for Reconstruction and Development 


One of the most fiscally disciplined countries in the EU, with low debt levels and stable budget management, continues to be the poorest in Europe. What led to this and what are the opportunities for the future – not only in eradicating poverty, but also in achieving steady growth and high standards of living in Bulgaria? Franz Josef Grentsebah, initiator of Future Workshop Bulgaria presented his vision for the economic development of the country, giving as an example the experience of Germany. The program, presented by the platform of the organization and supported by many, will be developed and popularized by the efforts of a working group of the team of Future Workshop Bulgaria.


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National Priorities


From 2011 onwards, the team held numerous meetings and discussions with representatives of local and state authorities, civil society, academic and business circles, and a number of public figures and activists. The results of our work and the analysis made by our team, clearly identifies four priority areas of work, essential for the elaboration of a comprehensive strategy for the development of Bulgaria:


  • Preservation of cultural heritage

  • International economic and cultural relations

  • Development of rural areas and protection of the environment 

  • Technology and innovation


Participants in our discussions agreed that these are the topics on which Bulgaria should and can build a consensus. These areas of development can have a tangible contribution to the quality of the economy and the lives of the Bulgarian people. We will continue to seek broad discussion of various aspects of these issues, summarizing and reporting on the results. We believe that there are other important issues in Bulgaria that society can recognize as priorities for development. Our job is to find them and subject them to a broad public discussion.