Interview with the president of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev 2002 - 2017, Varna


On the 31st of August Future Workshop Bulgaria conducts an interview with the president of Bulgaria -  Rosen Plevneliev. He was the last participant in the project `The future of Bulgaria`. Therefore, he was invited to comment on some of the statements of the previous participants.

Андраш Клейн, Франц Йозеф Гренцебах

The political contradictions are obstacles for the countries development


In Bulgaria, every government cancels the priorities of the previous ones. In the opinion of the president, this inhibits an affirmation of long-term and clear priorities for Bulgaria's development. He gave positive examples of long-term strategies from his work as a minister. He mentioned his efforts for strategies in the transportation field and his plan for energy efficiency in this context. During his presidency, he also began with an initiative for long-term priorities for the countries development, called programme 2020. He claims the necessity of following such a programme with priorities that must be reached by 2030.


Dialogue with the citizens


Within this interview, the president stressed a few times the importance of dialogue between institutions and citizens. As a good example, he mentioned his own initiative named `Dialogue with the Citizens`. He also commented on the suitability of mass protests as a means of direct expression of citizens positions. Following the opinion of the president Plevneliev there shouldn't be a distinction between different kinds of protests. All of them, no matter if they are dedicated to court reforms, bad morals in politics, or against higher energy taxes,  are equally important.


President Rosen Plevneliev agreed with Mrs Irina Bokova that social causes could be able to hold up young people in Bulgaria. In his opinion, right now, the Bulgarian elites are the main social group to be blamed for the lack of such opportunities.


He also agreed with some of the previous participants in the project including Mr Peter Stoyanov that one of the main issues of Bulgaria must be the preservation of ethnic and religious peace in Bulgaria. If we are not following this goal that means that we are betraying the ideals of our predecessors -  `a pure and saint republic`, which was defined by the revolutionaries of  19th century. The president declared that far-right nationalism was leading to poverty, isolation and division within Bulgarian society. The president also described what is his current idea of `pure and sacred republic`(Vassil Levski). “Pure” is a country without corruption and “saint” is this one that guarantees human rights and freedoms.


The foreign policy of Bulgaria


The current world order that was settled after the World war doesn't exist any more in the opinion of the president. He believes that the illusion of its existence has broken after the occupation of Crimea - part of one of the member states of the Security Council of the UN. Furthermore,  Plevneliev doesn't see the president of the United States, Donald Trump, as a guarantor of world peace. He also described our world as a world with many different poles and confirmed in this way the statement of Mrs  Kristalina Georgieva that was made in 2012 within this same Project - “The future of Bulgaria”.

A need for social justice


Mr Rosen Plevneliev emphasizes the existence of a feeling of injustice in the Bulgarian Society. In his opinion, the solution to this problem in Bulgaria must go through reforms of the tax and education systems. He also believes that social fair system must be created. All these reforms are in compliance with the world's trends for the future.