Соломон Паси, Франц Йозеф Гренцебах

Petër Stefanov Stojanov (Born 25 May 1952) is a Bulgarian politician who was President of Bulgaria from 1997 to 2002.[1] He was elected as a candidate of the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF). He did not succeed in the next presidential elections and after leaving office refrained from politics for a while, but, later became an MP in 2005 and was Chairman of UDF from 1 October 2005 to 22 May 2007.







Public lecture of Peter Stoyanov, president of Bulgaria 1997 2002


On the 31st of March 2016, president  Peter Stoyanov held a public lecture within the initiative `The future of Bulgaria`. He stood for constructive dialogue as a means to improve our society. In his speech, he defended the Euro-Atlantic values and the orientation of our country. In addition, he required personal responsibility and humanity in our society.

Bulgaria in the geopolitical context


Stoyanov claims that it is unrealistic for Bulgaria to follow a neutral foreign policy. Even much bigger countries which have huge resources are not able to do this. He presented his positions on different possible strategic partnerships. Following his opinion, the orientation towards the EU and NATO are the most correct direction from a cultural, historical and economic point of view. The arguments for this are the many practical advantages for the Bulgarians.


Relations with Russia


In the opinion of the president, the huge territory of Russia makes it unrealistic strategical partner for Bulgaria. On the other hand, he believes that we shouldn't be aggressive towards Russia. Such an attitude would even be harmful. Also, he claimed that the emotional connection between the two countries is a factor that will always be from main importance.


The refugees


Stoyanov dedicated a large part of his speech to the refugee topic. He described the attitudes of Bulgarian Society as disturbing. He defined it as the lack of cultivation of hate that are becoming part of the national culture. He thinks that this is very dangerous because the same hate that nowadays is being directed at foreigners can be redirected in the future at some parts of the Bulgarian Society.


The contradiction between politicians and people is wrong and fake


Mr Stoyanov also underlined some further disturbing tendencies in the development of National culture and mentality. This is, for example, the resistance to taking personal responsibility. The president even said before the official public lecture that Bulgarian politicians reflect common Bulgarian citizens. Therefore we all share the responsibility for the change. Blaming only the politicians for the problems will destroy our country and state by forming an uncritical position. On a long-term, this might be disastro.